Your Habits Masterclass Just $197 and I'll Donate $50

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Your Habits Masterclass

Habits are the building blocks of your life. Habits are the key to getting things done consistently and effortlessly. Master your habits and you master your life. 

Inside this Masterclass you will complete 4 lessons which will enable you to:

  • Create a NEW Habit in just 21 Seconds not 21 Days! 

  • Experience EXTREME Consistency - One Technique I'll teach you I used to keep a habit for 1298 Days in a ROW and counting (Fully independently verified &  documented)

  • Create  new habits on demand to improve your health, life and business.

  • Discover you are already a habit master - revealing things you have done consistently for years!

  • Eliminate bad habits - once and for all. 

  • Use the Universal 3 Fundamentals of Bad Habit Elimination

  • Use the top 8 Tips, Tricks and Advanced Techniques to eliminate Bad Habits

Let these simple yet profound techniques change your life as YOU become the master of your habits, experience extreme consistency and create your future.

I know I can help you with your habits. To create new ones instantly and to eliminate your bad ones.  I need to know that you have some seriousness to your desire to change.

So, you are going to invest $197 to show you have some real desire. I'll donate $50 to charity. I'm investing in others because you invested in yourself. My guess is we will like each other and do more together down the road. I'll even email you to get your input on the charity we can support. I know givers get and I enjoy giving.

I'm excited for you and for the power you will find in that $197 of desire that you have to change. It's not much, but its all you need to get started. I look forward to our time together in the Masterclass. 

Your Habit Mentor,

Blaine Oelkers
America's Chief Results Officer®

P. S. The class is all self study, you can start immediately and progress at any pace you like. You invest $197 and I'll donate $50 to charity.