Hello, I'm Blaine Oelkers.


I've always loved to help people get results. To help people take control of their lives by taking control of themselves. It all changed for me when I discovered which habits bring success and results and how to create them instantly and stick with them for a lifetime. I look forward to sharing that with you!

My Story


One of the happiest days of my life was the birth of our son. He was our first child and I was so excited to call my Dad with news, he was so excited to be a Grandpa.

My excitement wouldn't last because my Dad would join the Angels that night. He died of sudden death heart attack. I was crushed. It was hard and I was angry and bitter. I knew deep down I had to go from bitter to better.

I discovered WYTAYBA and that made all the difference. WYTAYBA stands for What You Think About You Bring About. It all comes back to the thoughts you hold and focus on.

It took some time but I recovered and decided I would work from home to be there for our kids, to be the best father I could be in honor of my father. I share the full story in a TEDx talk that I did.  


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